“Shatter” By. Chezlanicrystal Lee



I put my face against the glass window the day before she died.
I see the sun creeping behind the clouds leaving on her night lights,
I see the busy animals down below racing their rounds leaving fumes behind,
I see the eyes and smiles I don’t know and wonder in their sight.
I feel like a hole.

 The glass, she’s cold,
My fingers run across her mind.
I feel her scars and wonder how old,
Could she be just by her outside.
I see my reflection when I looked in her face,
Her eyes matched mine.
I take one last stare into grace,
And left without goodbye.

I came back when the sun was wide awake,
I guess the clouds were sick.
At the top of the stairs my body shakes,
Windows body was no longer thick.
My reflection is now in the spiders eyes,
And her scars show bold lines.
I see now the big disguise,
As the tears in my eyes cry.
I stayed by her side until they covered her with a trash bag,
And left without goodbye.
I go back to hear the voices nag,
And it’s me who wants to die.

 When I look in the mirror,
I notice something different.
The lines of my face so bold with horror,
With all this time I’ve spent.

 When I go back to my familiar place,
She is no longer there.
I go to the new girl and look at her face,
But all I saw was a clear stare.
My face was no longer down.
I realized what was the matter.
I needed help; my life’s a frown,
I was the window the dugs had shatter.

 I guess she took her last hit,
And now it’s my turn.
Don’t wait last minute for your life to split,
Stop before she decides to burn.
I took my last hit when I opened the door to the light,
I wasn’t expecting God, just hoping for a call.
The people were so nice and allowed me to fight,
And stayed by my side through it all.

 Now I know the smiles and recognize the voices,
Of the many who cared for my matter.
Now I help those whose only choice is,
To be like the window and wait to shatter.
I feel whole.

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