Where are you from?

by: Linda Leifi

I am from brown, crispy, deep-fried chicken.
I am from juicy, well-done steak.
I am from red, polished, tasty hot dogs.

I am from a dark closet where I can play with my imagination.
I am from a back yard filled with plants, grown from my father’s bare hands.
I am from a kitchen with Filipino food made from my courageous mother.

I am from flowers that are soft-to-the-touch and sweet-smelling.
I am from pineapple-scented perfume sprayed by my girly sister.
I am from picking up, smelly droppings from my golden retriever.

I am from friends who sometimes shout “SHUT UP!” whenever I crack a joke.
I am from a mother who tells me “put your dirty laundry in the washer!” every time I forget.
I am from a sister who sometimes yells “I HATE YOU!” because of her spoildness.

I am from a soft, comfortable bed with fluffy pillows.
I am from a black remote, fulled with buttons, every time I go home.
I am from a stuffy, reserved-for-Linda, big, white, flowery chair.

I am from a strong, built up woman who blesses everyone she helps and understands Fono Mulivai.
I am from a person who inspired me to believe that I am “greatness”, and that I am determined of my future Kelia Gilman.
I am from a guy who believes that this world will get better, believes that one day we will reunite with our lost love ones and a guy who provides us with shelter, water, food, and clothes “GOD” himself.

Link to Dixie Castillo Poem

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