Hale Pono’s Over Nighter at Wet-N-Wild

“The Wet-N-Wild Overnighter”

By: Sloan Scharsch

The Wet-N-Wild overnighter was so much fun.  From eating all you can eat, to free refills at the soda fountain.  We got to watch the ending slideshow, the Ink Heart movie, and do fun activities.  I enjoyed the balloon toss and the dancing, the most.   This was the last picture that we took as the whole club, featuring club members and junior leaders.  Thank you Hale Pono Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  You really made my summer super fun!



3 thoughts on “Hale Pono’s Over Nighter at Wet-N-Wild

  1. hale pono you are awesome. my children had a blast this summer and look forward to all your events. two thumbs up job well done!
    Aloha, Malama & Kalei

    • Mahalo for the love! Please come again to Hale Pono Clubhouse, you and your family is always welcome! please have a safe and happy holidays!
      -HPNN Editor, Chezlanicrystal Lee

  2. Boys and girls club of ewa beach, I had so much more fun working there than anywhere in the world. I’m not over exagerating. I love it there. It is definately what I call my second home. 🙂 Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Expect me to work there every summer till I graduate. Love you my BGCH family ❤

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