7 thoughts on “15th annual Golf Tournament

    • thanks for all the info!! right now im with my dad. still i would like to know all of your names. it is very interesting how we talk to each other.
      can you discribe ewa beach for me?? i want to know what it looks like there!! please write back!!- alexxis

  1. Hi, it is the second time i write to you!! i just talk to my sis aaliyah today!!! we wre talking about you guys!!! i still would like to know waht some of your names are!!! please write back, alexxis!!

    • Aloha Alexis,
      I’am the editor Chezlanicrystal, the other editor is kevin. we have an email address, hpnnteam@gmail.com, also a twitter with the same information. It’s awesome to have people commenting us and startign up conversations, if you are interested in HPNN, please email us, and we’ll get back to you, have a happy holiday!

  2. hi,,guys,,,,its been sooo long since i have talked to you guys,,,,i got of the phone with my friend telling him too try to sign up for the boys and girls club,,,i am trying to get alot of people too join i guesse im doing a good thing… sooo i would be very delited if you wrote me back…hope to talk to you soon bye!!! – alexxis!!!

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