The Power of Vision

B%20prof%20webheadshotThe Power of Vision
By Brian Frejo

Thursday, May 28, 2009
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii – Hale Pono Ewa Beach Gym

Brian Frejo: Brian (Pawnee/Seminole) is a highly talented and multi-faceted individual who is best known for his work as a “Cultural Activist,” youth advocate, DJ, and performer. Brian is one of the most sought after DJ’s, music producers and promoters in Indian Country. As “DJ Shock B” he has performed with some of the most popular acts in music today. Brian also has his finger on the hottest and most up and coming Native music talent that has enabled him to produce a range of successful concerts, tours and special events that has gained him the reputation as one of the premier music promoters and special event organizers in Indian Country. Brian is also honored to be a part of the 2002 Grammy–nominated drum group “Young Bird.”

The Power of Vision: “The Power of Vision” is a dynamic and interactive workshop conducted by Brian in which he works with youth to dare to dream, visualize and realize their power to achieve their personal potential. Themes that Brian engages youth on include the importance of developing one’s own personal vision of wellness and success; passion; discipline; and the risks and rewards of making healthy versus unhealthy decisions. Brian works with youth to develop strategies for goal setting; making healthy choices; being drug and alcohol-free; taking personal responsibility; realizing one’s own personal vision for success; and for physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual well being. This is one of Brian’s most successful and popular workshops that he has conducted at more than 500 reservations, schools and conferences.

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