“Where I’m From Poem”

“Where I’m From”

By: Dixie Castillo

I’m from a strong-willed mother, who met my over-caring father, and gave birth to tall brother, spoiled sister, and…me!

I’m from the middle child, where the only language that my parents speak is “Dixie”

I’m from two dogs, two guinea pigs, one rabbit, three chickens, and one cockatiel

I’m from the tallest pine tree in the neighborhood


I’m from delicious pancit, scrumptious pinakbet, convenient lumpias, and the usual white rice

I’m from red meat manapuas, pork hash, spam musubis, fried noodles and not too crispy chickens, afterschool

I’m from stringy and spicy kim-chee noodles, round fish-sushi, traditional bentos, and varieties of sweet, meaty, or a little of both, dim-sums

I’m from cheesy quesadillas, juicy snack wraps, salty french-fries, and the tomato sauce pizzas on days where we’re just too lazy to cook


I’m from a colorful salad bowl, a sweet and sour salsa; a mixed plate.

I’m from “Hello”, “Aloha”, “Konnichi wa”, “Hola”, “Annyeonghaseyo”, “Bonjour”, “Nihao”, “Talofa”, “Halo”, “Mabuhay”, “Hafa” and “Ma nishma”

I’m from smiles towards blacks, whites, tans, browns, yellows…orange?

I’m from different colors in one big beautiful rainbow; I embrace it


I’m from “If you are a virgin, don’t sing while cooking or you will marry an old man.”

I’m from “Hoy”, “Psst, come over here”, and “Nay!”

I’m from loud talking Mina-birds who love karaoke

I’m from parties that end, mostly, at midnight


I’m from air-conditioned rooms, everyday

I’m from little kids, friendly peers, and entertaining adults; I give hugs to all of them

I’m from opportunities and leadership training

I’m from, “Do you have your club card?”


I’m from iconic crucifixes, purified rosaries, and blessed prayers

I’m from monotheism; Jesus

I’m from “Peace be with you”, but instead of hand-shakes we have hugs

I’m from getting more in touch with my faith


I’m from creative dancing, urban graffiti, and expressive drawing

I’m from R&B, K-Pop, Alternatives, any music that I’m in the mood for

I’m from inspirations to be something big in the future

I’m from a persistent dreamer


I’m from the capital of Hawaii

I’m from islands of tropical fruit, warm sun, and splashes of surfing

I’m from hula dancers with different shades of hue, fragranced leis coming to greet you

I’m from “Home”

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