Hawaiian Artifact Returning

100_9303  by Kevin Tangonan; President of the H.P.N.N.

A mystic energy flows through the entire Hawaiian reserve owned by Hoakalei near the White Sands Beach, some of the members experienced a wide variety of experiences at the reserve on March 7, 2009 from 8am-12pm. 4 hours of Learning experiences provided by some of Hoakalei’s archeologists, like boar skulls,  and animal bones found from the archeologists discoveries. We also had the chance of returning Hawaiian relics, it may be just sand, dirt, and rocks… but it had a special meaning, all in all the experience granted knowledge, and it taught me to return things back to their proper place like my socks, or the lava rocks at Kilauaea. Shan Malubay learned that white long pieces of rocks (pictured at top right) are not bones, but a hardened dirt that can be easily broken. Sloan Scharsch learned not to hit cats stuck in a recycling bin, because it can get you in trouble. I learned not to spill ancient hawaiian soil in the direction of wind, because it may blind you. Russell Tangonan learned to not get scratched and avoid the long keawe thorns, it can leave you with a long scar, and bentos are delicious!  In the summer, we may return to visit the Hawaiian Reserves Shrine, due to the long grass, thanks to Hoakalei for us to visit this marvelous place, I may as well cover it’s story.


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