Japanese Daiko Drumming



Japanese Taiko Drumming:: By Kevin Tangonan, President of the H.P.N.N.

The Hale Pono Boys & Girls Clubhouse of Ewa Beach, along with some audiences with the Nanakuli Boys & Girls Club had watched a very long, but interesting Taiko Drum & Japanese Dance Demonstration  on March 6, 2009.

“You could feel the beat of the drum pounding in your body as you hit it simultaneously, for me it was an experience I could cherish , as for everyone else, I imagine myself hearing this music in an ancient-like japanese castle in the 1400s, I actually experienced what the shogun, samurai, and the emperor’s of old also enjoyed as a form of entertainment or great battles they fought for so long. The feeling was so magical to me.  It was also an experience that I will remember, when we also got to participate in Japanese traditional dance.”

For others, it was very exciting, and very great to see, The Club also expanded with new programs to offer, such as weekend Japanese Traditional Dances. It seemed difficult to perform some of the steps, but was a very good learning experience when participating. Some prominent clubmembers enjoyed this very strenous Friday in participating, and helped get the stress out on that day, like me. After the whole event was over, the performers and audience welcomed the sight of delicious pastry’s offered and cooked by the staff at the Hale Pono Boys & Girls Club of Ewa Beach. “It was also very interactive”, Sloan Scharsch, whoever did not perform the dance or the drums still had a very interactive times in the stands cheering in a japanese-like style with the performers. dscn1509 Hope new events like this, keep on coming, so I can keep on writing.


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