Overnighter for Overall Overachievement!

Hmmm… Blindfolded, taped over the mouth, covered by headphones, making your own sundaes, and tacos, taking tests, playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, watching Napoleon Dynamite. What did we do that night? Why did we do this? Well… if you can believe, we had an overnighter for T.A.D.A. Program members and Video Feature members at the Hale Pono Boys & Girls Club of Ewa Beach. with the leading staff, Ikona and Michelle. We had very fun interactive, learning sessions. We took a pre-test on Drugs & Alcohol, and how we should avoid these in the future or present life situations. We then ate dinner of make-your own taco’s, from there we had a fun time in making our own sundae in a group of 3, one each person had either be blindfolded to be blind, wearing headphones to be deaf, and wear a strip of tape on our mouth to be mute, all of us had to cooperate as a group to make our own sundaes,which means to cooperate with others with any situation or disability facing us. We got to eat our delicious sundaes later after the session. Next we had a dance session with Dixie and Wilma Castillo in the dance room, where afterwards we began to set up our beds inside the chilly Learning Center. Some decided to stay awake to, play on the wii, going on the computers, or just playing games or talking to one another .  In the morning, everyone woke up to Linda Liefi’s, Good Morning Wake Up Call, as both her and Chezlani Crystal-Lee head out with Lori Respicio to the Youth of the Year. So at 7 A.M., there were plenty of Michelle’s omelette’s and Portuguese sausage with rice to calm everyone’s stomach, and so on, until 10 A.M., everyone who participated in the sleepover said their “goodbyes” at the sleepover, and the regular club members pour in to their everyday routine. So goes here the tale of the overnighter for overall overachievement, thanks to all of the volunteers who gave their time doing this fun event, and of course to the leaders who oversee this to a success, Michelle and Ikona. February 20-21 were the best days of my, weekend thanks to the overnighter.

by Kevin Tangonan, President of the H.P.N.N.

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