Inside the HPNN

Inside the HPNN:hpnnlogo2-copy

Have you ever seen the people who work hardest to meet the deadlines and do these reports and interviews for these stories? This is what the Hale Pono News Network (HPNN) does. We’re just everyday eager and determined kids all from the Hale Pono Boys and Girls Clubhouse in Ewa Beach who want to learn! We enjoy studying media, journalism, and the proper way to take a good shot in photography, are always interested in updating the modern world around us, and mainly focus and highlight everyday events The Club has to offer.

News from all topics from the community to any interests we have, such as info about The Club, blogs, and pictures. We cover things from community service projects like Adopt-A-Block and Citizen Patrol Walks/Neighborhood Security Watches to Food Distribution and Ohana Bingo Night. Everything our writers write about, you read in our newspaper. Our effort is to inform you about all forms of news and everyday things in The Club life.

Would you like to join us for experience in learning new skills, a time for informative discussion, everyday fun, and contributing to the HPNN? Well, we meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Tech Lab at the Hale Pono BGCH with Ikona because we care about what happens in our community, and we’re there to spread its word and share it with our readers.

Present Members of H.P.N.N. is….

Chezlani Crystal-Lee, Linda Liefi, Wilma Castillo, Dixie Castillo, Sloan Scharsch, Prya Oliveira, Kevin Tangonan.

By Kevin Tangonan- President of the HPNN

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