Greatness in Golfing

 This fall youth from the Hale Pono Boys & Girls Club and the Ewa Beach Community got together every Wednesdays to participate in the First annual JR. Golf Program at the Ewa Beach Golf Club. With the help of the Weed & Seed officers and Jason Deigert and his talented staff at the Ewa Beach Golf Club youth learned the fundamental and rules of golf. 

dsc_1127photo by: Peter Jackson

“Be Safe, Be Cool”, the two basic rules of golfing, as taught by the Weed & Seed-Hale Pono BGCH Junior Golf Program. From 3-5pm, on Wednesdays is usually when it’s held. Where? At the Ewa Beach Golf Course, near the Ewa Beach-Beach Park.   

  Usually these days are hot, the only way to be cool, is to think cool, and have fun. Officer Fumi, Art, and Mark, encourage this, even the instructors, Jason and Dane as well as Peter feel the heat of the sun above them. “They’re really great instructors”, said Junior Golfer, Jon Ala.          

The last golfing event was on Wednesday, December 2nd , where they went through 4 different events, long-range, putting (short-range), and closest hit to the circle, and regular short-range. They then had a good lunch, of hot dogs, and a delicious teri burger with cheese. Afterwards, it was back to practice, and then the awards ceremony. Winning from a range of candy to Weed & Seed prizes.          

 “The program was great, no improvements needed, you get to represent the clubhouse, learn, have fun, get to know the other kids, and I would want to improve my hitting stance, next year, January.”, answered Jon . Many of the participants get the opportunity to learn how to play golf, and have fun, as well as win cool stuff.          

 The next Junior Golf Program will start up this March, just sign up with Peter, it’s fun for anyone. Thank you to all of the instructors, the officers, Weed & Seed, and Aunty Gale, for planning this all. This program was a success, and I hope that this great program will keep continuing, as well as good luck to all the participants next year.    

by Kevin Tangonan

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Junior Golf Program

Spring 2009

Schedule of Events


March 4th, Wednesday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm

·       Introduction to Golf

·       Rules & Etiquette

March 11th, Wednesday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm

·       The Short Game

·       Putting & Chipping

March 18th, Wednesday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm

·       The Short Game

·       Pitching & Bunkers

March 25th, Wednesday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm

·       The Full Swing

·       Driver & Irons

April 1st, Wednesday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm

·       The Full Swing

·       Play the Game

Finale Week:  April 6th – 10th, Monday thru Friday

·       On-course Play (Mon-Thurs)

·       Tee times start 3:30 pm

·       Awards BBQ on Friday, 3:30 pm


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